Halaal means complete goodness!

images-2If you ask someone what does it means to be Halaal certified, one can quickly have the notion that it is just another religious thing that governs the food intake.

While it is not fully incorrect, the term “Halaal” needs to be re-branded to its true and complete meaning.

Halaal is an Arabic word that brings about the meaning of “lawful” or “permissible” according to the Syariah Law. In its true meaning, Halaal covers all matters of daily life – not limited to only food stuffs.

On a larger scale, Halaal signifies a broader meaning to quality. (Since there are criteria to be met) when an item has been certified to be Halaal, it also signifies that it has gone through a thorough “quality check”. For example, in the food preparation business, the entire value chain must be halaal: raw materials, suppliers must be halal certified, premises, transportation, logistics.

It is good for consumer as it can be quality assurance benchmark, assuring the product is not only Halaal, it is also  produced in good way.

Hence, Halaal certified items should be seen as a high quality and safe product/service.

As a bonus, it does bring great business sense as it allows businesses to sell to wider market.

When it is Halaal, it’s got to be good!

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