The Halaal Files!

diningMuslim market: Total population of Muslims – more than 1 billion people in the world today

Close to 60% of Muslims live in Asia, while 20% of Muslims live in Middle East & African region.

Interestingly, more than 300 million Muslims live in countries where Islam is the minority religion (i.e. India, Russia, China). These minority however have a great number of Muslims: India has 3rd largest Muslim population in the world. China has more Muslims than Syria. Russia has more Muslims than Libya and Jordan combined

Forecast: Muslim population will increase 35% from 1.6 bil in 2011 to 2.2 bil in 2030 (Pew Research, data 2011)

The growth rate: Muslim population growth is twice the rate of Non Muslims (average growth rate of 1.5% for Muslims against 0.7%)

By 2030, Muslims will make 26.4% of world’s population (up from 23.4% in 2010)

Key markets:

  • Smaller Muslim population such as US, Australia and Europe have food quality and safety concerns. Hence, good market for Halaal products
  • Big Muslim population: Indonesia, Malaysia, GCC, Pakistan, Egypt
  • Emerging halaal market: India (177 mil Muslims), China (23 million), Russia (16 million), Philippines (5 million), France (5 million), Germany (4 million) & UK (3 million)

Asia Pacific

  • Home to the most populous Muslim nation
  • Indonesia, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh accounted more than 700 mil Muslims in 2010
  • Growth in demand for Halaal products due to affluent life style and better income


  • Region is a strong import dependent economy with majority Muslim population
  • North Africa also strong demand as the countries import majority of their food


  • Higher income and growing Muslim pop
  • Turkey is the main supplier of halaal food for European countries such as Russia, France  and Germany
  • Russia and France have significant Muslim population in Europe
  • Port of Rotterdam is key halaal entry port – it has a dedicated warehouse for halaal products
  • Albania has 82% Muslim, Macedonia (35%), Kosovo (92%), Bosnia (41%)
  • Europe’s halaal food exporter/producers: Tahira Food (UK), Mecca Foods (Germany), Isla (France), Halaland (France)


  • While Muslim pop is small, it represents big opportunity (as the Muslim population is growing)
  • Argentina has the largest number of Muslims in Americas (1 mil)

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