Books on Hijabees

9789460090080_500X500 dian1-jpg_024947There are numerous books and magazines that showcase the latest Hijabee designs. These designs are mainly from various countries and cities based on the different cultural and settings of the places.  Cultural themes can decidedly shape the colors and designs of the clothing.

Two of the latest books on Hijabee designs in the market are the Islamic Fashion (Peppin Van Roojen) and Hijab Street Style (Dian Pelangi).

Both books are full of pictures, showcasing the different themes brought from the East and and the West.

Hijab Street Style by Dian Pelangi are mainly Indonesian and South East Asian focus while the Islamic Fashion by Peppin Van Roojen covers a bit more than the South East Asian countries.

Both books are available for sale online and at your selected book store. In Dubai, both are available at Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall.

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