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QamarDeen: Track your good deeds!

imgresPeople always say that when you do good, do not show off. Don’t let your good deeds be erased with a simple boastful remark. However sometimes, a little pat on the back can result in more good deeds. But how do one continuously do good deeds without letting anyone know and yet motivates you to do more?

Well, say ALlhamduliLlaah for the QamarDeen App!

Now you can monitor your daily, weekly, monthly and annual deeds and continue to improve yourself. The QamarDeen app by Batoul Apps allows you to keep track of your daily prayers (was it done alone, with the sunnah prayer, in congregation), Quran (how many ayaat did you read), fasting (any optional fasting done) and your daily sadaqah!

It is indeed a simple app, yet beneficial that helps us to check our daily ibadaah.

You can download it for Free from the App Stores – available for iOS and Android devices.

Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to track your good deeds!

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