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Takaful plan launched for domestic workers in UAE

Dubai: Sponsors of the 400,000 domestic workers in the UAE can now insure their staff against illnesses, accidents or loss of life with the Domestic Aid Medical Plan.

Employers who privately sponsor workers including drivers, cooks, cleaners, housemaids and gardeners will be able to provide employees with up to Dh50,000 medical insurance coverage, plus an additional capital sum of Dh50,000 in the event of loss of life.

“We fully recognise the vital role that domestic workers play in society and the contribution they make to the economy,” said Parvaiz Siddiq, shief executive officer of Noor Takaful. “The Domestic Aid Medical Plan will ensure that this important market segment receives the quality Takaful medical services it justly deserves. I would urge all employers of domestic staff to seize this opportunity to ensure their privately sponsored workers are properly covered in the event of the unexpected happening.”

The Domestic Aid Medical Plan is the first product specifically tailored for blue-collar workers.

“Many of the UAE’s 400,000 privately sponsored domestic workers have very little protection against the sudden expense of serious illness, or accidents,” said Andrew Greenwood, chief operating officer of Noor Takaful. “In addition, these workers’ families are often heavily dependent on financial support from their UAE relatives, so the Domestic Aid medical plan is designed to provide financial support when it is most required.”

The medical plan will be initially available in Dubai and the northern emirates. Noor Takaful plans to roll out the Domestic Aid Medical Plan in Abu Dhabi later this year.

Source: Gulf News

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