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Tour guides trained to arrange for halal meals

KUALA LUMPUR – Tour guides have been trained to ensure halal meals are served to travellers who require them, said Poto Travel and Tours group CEO Ab Rahman Mohd Ali.

This came about as many Muslims on outbound tours had voiced concerns about finding halal food.

“Long-haul trips, especially to Europe, are well received by Muslim travellers. Therefore, we train our tour guides to ensure the meals served to them are halal, as well as to plan the tour to observe prayer times,” he said.

For example, accounts manager Siti Noorasnidah Affendy said she often had difficulty finding halal food during overseas trips.

“As a Muslim traveller, my biggest concern is in terms of food,” said Siti Noorasnidah, 29.

Hence, she makes sure that halal food is included in the packages offered by travel agencies.

Siti Noorasnidah is now hoping that her honeymoon would be smooth sailing. She married Fadzil Muzammil, a businessman, on Aug 25.

“We are hoping to go to Paris and London in December. The prices are slightly higher compared to last year,” said Siti Noorasnidah, who had been to the previous two MATTA fairs.

Source: Asia News Network

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