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Jamal Darwiche appointed acting CEO for Alizz Islamic Bank

Alizz islamic bank yesterday announced the appointment of key senior executives. The appointment includes the acting chief executive Jamal Darwiche, chief financial officer Saif Al Yarabi and head of audit Pete Byrne.

In July 2012, Darwiche joined the bank as chief operating officer prior to being appointed as acting chief executive. He oversees the strategic direction of the bank which has a total paid-up capital of OMR100 million, 40 per cent of which was raised by investors in an initial public offering and 60 per cent was contributed by the bank’s promoters.

Al Yarubi joined alizz islamic bank recently with more than 20 years of experience in a number of different leadership positions. He began his career in 1991 at the Ministry of Defence, before moving, in 1999 to Ernst & Young in Dubai. He joins alizz islamic bank from the Investment Corporation of Dubai where he served as finance director since 2008.
Pete Byrne has worked in the financial services sector for the past twenty three years in the UK, Western Europe as well as in the Sultanate.

Source: Times of Oman

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