Halal Square brings list of Halal products in Australia

logoHave you ever felt the need to get someone to help you find halaal products or halaal fine dining place while living or visiting a new place? Well, if you are in Australia, you can get great assistance from Halal Square – an online resource that can assist you in finding Halal eateries, butchers and those products that are halaal certified – all at the tips of your fingers as it is now available online!

Halal Square lists Halaal eating places in Australia – major cities such as Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth are all listed on the website. The good news is that, the list is quite extensive, not just pure kebab experience! One can get directions and reviews on the listed eateries, ranging from African, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Turkish and Indonesian (to name a few).

On top of the list of eateries, Halal Square also has its own list of halaal products that they listed on their Halal Square Groceries Database. The products are clearly listed with available photos and the accreditation body that certifies the Halaal status of the products. One can browse the grocery items based on product category or by brands. You can now be sure of which brand has the best halaal cakes or halaal Turkey!

If you are looking for a halaal eatery in Australia, proceed to Halal Square. And if you want to check the status of the grocery item that you want to buy you can check it out here


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