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Nippon Express eyes distribution of halal food

Nippon Express is seeking “halal” certification in Malaysia, with the aim of starting a food distribution business for Muslims in the Southeast Asian nation, reported Jiji Press.

The major Japanese distribution service provider said its local subsidiary in Malaysia has already submitted an application to the country’s government and is seeking approval by April 2014.

Halal means allowed or permitted by Islamic law. Items should not contain pork or alcohol, which are prohibited under Islam.

In Muslim nations, including Malaysia, trucks cannot carry food for Muslims together with pork or alcohol. In addition, delivery trucks that have carried pork must be cleaned in accordance with Islamic law.

Nippon Express’s move comes after the Malaysian government started in July accepting halal certification applications for distribution services. Halal certification was already available for foods, cosmetics and medicines there.

The company aims to expand halal distribution services to other Muslim nations, including Indonesia and Bangladesh, using the know-how it hopes to gain in Malaysia.

Source: CargonewsAsia

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