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If it’s Halaal, its gotta be good: The Halal Guys Case

HalaalQuest believes that when a product or service is Halaal, it does not just guarantees the syariah compliant part but it also guarantees that the product or service is surely good (due to the thorough quality check that it goes through). Hence, Halaal will not only open up to the growing Muslim market, it is also for the larger population at large.

2012-05-30124619Meet the Halal Guys, eating joints that have been serving the New York streets since 1990. Halal Guys currently operates five food stands originally started as a hot dog cart back in 1990 (the long lines at Halal Guys stands are very common scene).

Realizing the Halal market potential, the once hot dog cart was transformed to the unique Halaal serving food stands, catering not just to the many Muslims in the area but also to the many Non Muslims customers.

Halal Guys serve gyros and rice platers from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. Due to its popularity and demand, Halal Guys is set to open its first restaurant in November.



HQ Highlights: As in branding 101, the Halal Guys name brings in the magic to its brand: with its easy to say, descriptive in nature and unique to the market it is serving. halal guys1The name has become an easy word of mouth marketing campaign and helped it to position itself as THE popular Halaal food joint serving the streets of New York.

Halal Guys have been featured in New York Daily News, Blip TV and New York Times among others.

“Our name is a brand”: Hesham Hegazy – General Manager, Halal Guys


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