Halal Status Apps: There’s one for your Smartphone!

imagesQR Scanner, NFC and much more!

Demand and supply plays a big role in the growth of products and services. It is definitely true even in the Halal conscious market today. The growing concern on the Halal status of the mainstream products and services have seen the explosive growth of smartphone apps that are able to supply the required information on the halal status.

HalaalQuest looks at some of these such Apps that are currently available on the Apple’s App Store and Android Market for your smart devices!

What is it: The Halal status apps available today ranges from simple database made available by the local Halal governing body to the barcode scan app that translates the Halal status of the product in review. “High-end” apps also provides NFC functionality and “Augmented Reality” look and feel that allows real time Halal outlets to be shown on the smartphone camera view.

Global vs Local presence: While global brands result in wide recognition throughout the world, consumer products are still produced locally and regionally – mainly due to localization (due to taste, cultural, religious segmentation/beliefs). As a result, we see a bigger share of the apps cater to dedicated geographical areas, rather than a global wide usage.

Free vs Paid: Free apps are still widely available, but if you want something extra, the paid app will offer more features and satisfaction to what you are looking for.


  • unnamedThe only NFC based Halal app available now, developed by Malaysian based company My-MS. It is a Free app
  • Users can verify the Halal status of an outlet by tapping the Halal logo produced by Malaysian Halal governing body (JAKIM) with a NFC enabled smartphone
  • At present, this is only for Malaysian market (as the NFC enabled Halal logo is produced by JAKIM)
  • When the app is used with the portal, users can use location based features such as locating halal certified restaurant at their current location, get direction to the restaurant, post reviews, chat and share status with others
  • Available in Android Market


  • imagesAnother app from Malaysia by Halal Development Corporation (HDC)
  • The app allows user to locate halal food outlets within 20km radius from their current location
  • It also allows user to mark favorite outlets, social media integration (i.e. able to check in, rating and share with others), email and call integration
  • The app also provides Halal Malaysia directory, search capable based on company name, product details , etc.
  • Coming HDC events and E-number status are also listed by the Halal App
  • Available for iOS and Android devices

Cek Halal

  • App by Ashfa for the Indonesian market is available as a Free app
  • The Cek Halal app is a searchable app, listed based on product name, by Islamic Council (MUI) certificate number, company name or by the MUI expire certificate date
  • Available for Android devices

halal-barcode-scanner-1-0-s-307x512Halal Barcode Scanner

  • This barcode scanner app developed by Bosnian Agency for Halal Quality Certification is available for free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Market
  • Smartphone camera scans the barcode and display the product info and its halal status
  • Additionally, the app also provides database of halal products updated regularly by the Agency
  • Available in Android Market

Is it Halal

  • The UK based app allows user to check the Halal status based on the scanned barcode and the long list of searchable database
  • Users can leave their feedback
  • The app is available for Free from Android Market

Halal App Sri Lanka

  • The app is available as Free and paid application
  • It allows user to search for list of halal restaurants, halal brands, halal products and halal poultry
  • The available database maintained by Sri Lankan Halal authority will be downloaded to user’s smartphone
  • Free version is supported by ads. Available from Android Market

Halal Japan

  • This app is dedicated at the Japanese market, giving brief guide to the list of Halal status of Japanese food products
  • It also allows barcode scanning that works through the smartphone camera
  • It is a Free app, available for iOS devices

Halal Guide Russia

  • screen568x568Russian app for the Russian food products
  • It is available as a Free app from Apple App Store and Android Market

Halal India

  • The app allows users to locate Halal restaurants and search E-code entities
  • It is available as a Free app from Apple App Store

Best of Halal

  • screen568x568The Singapore based Best of Halal app reads like a magazine, featuring reviews and great photos of halal restaurants
  • Best of Halal app is targeted to grow globally, however, at present the app covers mostly restaurants in Singapore
  • One of the best part about the app is that it is Google Maps integrated
  • It is available as a Free app from Apple App Store

Haji Gajet for HalaalQuest

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  1. I wanted too know if I can find the Aritist who draw the image of the barcode?

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