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Amanie Screening: Smart app able to screen 33,000 stocks worldwide!

main_rn_2710_p23cWHAT triggered the Amanie Shariah Screening system app is the fast growing demand of Shariah-compliant investment, says Razi Pahlavi, chief executive officer of Amanie Nexus Sdn Bhd, the company behind the development.

“Reliable information in determining the Shariah status of the investment asset is so limited. This creates a huge gap for experts in both Shariah and IT to fill in.

“Amanie Shariah system screens and filters all public-listed equity/stocks in the global stock exchange to produce the universe of Shariah investable stocks.

With this app, almost everyone can download and check the Shariah status of over 33,000 stocks worldwide any time and anywhere before they make any investments,” he says.

Newly released, the app is available in Android variant on Google Play Store before it is released a Windows Phone 8 version and Blackberry 10.

This app is a breakthrough financial tool for those who prefer to be involved in Shariah-compliant investment transactions. Its wide access and seamless information to users will boost the confidence of investors, fund managers and respective authorities as well as safeguard the interest of Shariah governance in Islamic investment.

Razi also feels that Malaysia has sufficient talents in app development.

“That is why initiatives by our Telcos and agencies like Mdec are critically important to cultivate and promote mobile app development. While mobile app development is something relatively easy to pick up – someone with enough motivation to sit through a couple of hours of video training can churn out a decent app of his own – the story does not end when the app is finally released.

“The development phase is actually the easy part. What comes after that, the commercialisation stage, is where most developers will need help and guidance,” he notes.

His advice to young people who are interested in developing a mobile app is to keep on moving even when you face many road blocks.

“Learn as much as you can at all pit stops, and you will reach where you want to be one day,” Razi says.

Source: The Star

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