Amilin TV, the “Bloomberg of Islamic Finance”

50353_131624786859857_7381993_nThe growth of the Islamic Finance industry has led to the continuous need of resources that can further fuel its growth. Media with its prowess in connecting and empowering its targeted audience is definitely one of the many important resources that has been pushing the global growth of Islamic Finance.

Meet, Amilin TV, Malaysia’s web TV outfit that has gone global with its recent partnership with Thomson Reuters. With a global viewership of up to 100 countries globally, Amilin TV fashions itself as the “Bloomberg of Islamic Finance”, playing an important role in uplifting the growth of the Islamic Finance industry.

“We are the only such TV globally, that focuses on the Islamic Finance and Halal industry. Our content empowers the industry’s professionals and fulfill the need of the market”, said Syaiful Naim Othman, CEO of Amilin TV when met at the sideline of the recent Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) in Dubai.

Started more than 10 years back, Amilin TV has strengthen it’s position as the unrivaled Islamic Finance web TV channel that captured the industry’s attention.

“We want to be the Bloomberg of Islamic Finance”, added Syaiful with confidence. Ultimately, Amilin TV seeks to be part of the mainstream media that help shape the industry. To know more about Amilin TV, please click here

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