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Takaful myHealth Protector – a medical plan with cash back

phoca_thumb_m_BrandEBook_com_takaful_malaysia_corporate_identity_system_01Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (Takaful Malaysia) has launched a comprehensive individual medical and health plan called Takaful myHealth Protector which offers a range of In and Out-patient healthcare benefits.

The product also rewards its customers with a 15 per cent cash back should they make no claims during the period of insurance.

“Our ‘Takaful myHealth Protector’ offers a wider choice of eight medical plans with no cost sharing at an affordable premium amount for consumers to select from. The plan also has a higher maximum entry age up to 70 years, to enable those who are healthy and without medical coverage to be insured. On top of that, Takaful myHealth Protector also offers a hassle-free hospital admission and bill settlement facility at any of the panel hospitals plus 24-hour worldwide emergency referral assistance service,” said Takaful Malaysia’s Group Managing Director, Dato’ Mohamed Hassan Kamil.

“Apart from the 15 per cent cash back privilege, customers who sign-up for a plan under the Takaful myHealth Protector would also be entitled to another value added benefit which is to seek overseas medical treatment. Customers are given an option to access to highly specialised care across the world, subject to the reasonable and customary charges in Malaysia. This benefit certainly opens up more treatment options to our valued customers during a medical eventuality,” added Hassan Kamil.

Source: CPIFinancial

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