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Alizz Islamic Bank unveils new digital products


Alizz islamic bank (SAOG) is planning to further grow its digital platforms to offer Shari’ah compliant products and services that meet customers various personal and corporate banking requirements.

The platform includes the new ‘Online Banking’ tool, as well as the alizz islamic bank corporate website, which features an all-encompassing reference point for benefits of Islamic banking and differentiators in comparison with conventional banking. The new bilingual website went live early Q4 2013.

“While the Islamic finance sector continues to add to the economic growth trend in Oman, our 360 degree approach of connecting with customers and the suite of digital platforms we offer reinforces our role as one of the most innovative organizations in the market. Our strategy is to offer customers seamless access to Islamic banking through our ‘Online Banking’ tool,” said Aisha Al-Kharusi, Assistant General Manager – Corporate Communications at alizz islamic bank. “Using our website, we are uniquely positioned as one of the first full-fledged Islamic banks in the Sultanate to provide a wealth of information about Shari’ah compliant products and services alongside an ingenious know-how library,” added Al-Kharusi.

Featuring product information to help customers understand alizz islamic bank’s complete range of Shari’ah solutions and to increase satisfaction levels, the ‘Online Banking’ portal offers a wide range of banking requirements. Offered services range from balance queries or transfers, credit card and bill payments. Two main factors for using the portal are the convenience in performing a number of banking services online, and the enhanced transaction security measures with one time passwords.

Source: CPI Financial

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