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Photo Essay: Istanbul’s Islamic Fashion

Twice yearly, Istanbul’s Fashion Week draws a varied crowd—from the religiously conservative to social liberals. Recent trends highlighted versatility, allowing the wearer to tailor designer outfits to conservative tastes. Dresses can be worn over pants, and longer coats make curves less pronounced. Scarves are culled from top designers such as Louis Vuitton and Hermés.

Filling the need for high-end Islamic fashion is Turkish fashion magazine Ala, which the press calls the “Vogue of the veiled.” The magazine’s spreads feature bright colors and modern cuts while still maintaining modesty and Islamic values.

Monique JaquesA model shows off a daywear look at a fashion shoot at Bretz Home in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul. Monique Jaques

Monique JaquesThe Armine store in Istanbul’s Fatih District. Fatih is known as one of the most conservative districts in the city and hosts many retail stores covering all ends of the market. Monique Jaques

Monique JaquesA photographer and the Ala editorial board discuss an image being considered for the cover. Scarves are from a wide range of designers, like domestic Armine and international brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermés. Monique Jaques

Monique JaquesAttendees pose in front of a sponsor’s sign during Istanbul Fashion Week. Monique Jaques

Monique JaquesThe exterior of Armine, a high-end Islamic fashion house that rivals the designs of Hermés in the Middle East. Monique Jaques

Source: Newsweek

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