World Halal Assembly event to review global halal market

Over 140 scholars and experts would participate in the OIC_SMIC World Halal Assembly (WHA) to review global halal market and quality assurance to hit the choosy market. To be held on June 3-4, 2014 in Islamabad. The global assembly is being organized jointly by Halal Association of Pakistan (HAP) and Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) which will be the first ever World Halal Assembly duly supported by SMIIC (Standards & Metrology Institute of Islamic Countries), the OIC body mandated to work on Halal Standards and Accreditation on behalf of OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries)

The Secretary General and CEO of the Halal Association, Asad Sajjad said that the 8th Board of Directors and 6th General Assembly Meeting of SMIIC would also be held along with the Halal Assembly, making it the biggest Halal event of the region. The Assembly would be held with the support of following institutions: OIC, SMIIC (Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Studies), IDB (Islamic Development Bank); ICCIA (Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture); ICDT (Islamic Centre for Development of Trade); ITC (International Trade Centre); HDC (Halal Development Council); GSO (Gulf Standardization Organization); IIHO (International Islamic Halal Organization); ESMA (Emirate Standards & Metrology Authority); DAC (Dubai Accreditation Centre); and Halal fraternity from all over the world. It is expected that more than 150 delegates would attend this Assembly from 40 countries. The event would provide excellent opportunities to the Pakistani exporters, traders and government departments to interact and take advantage of the expert gathering.

Objectives of the event are to invite international Halal industry experts to give comprehensive knowledge to the audience, in addition to bring Pakistan on the Global Halal Trade map and inform the opportunities available for the exporters of Pakistan in the trillions dollar Halal market to give a boost to the efforts of government to achieve desired export results. The Assembly will focus on issues and challenges related to Halal business, certification, accreditation and marketing. It would also highlight the role of trade bodies in promotion of Halal trade and highlight the issues, which could be taken up by the government for the next budget and promotion of Halal exports of Pakistan.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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