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Malaysia to lead common halal cert initiative

HDC-LOGO-100510Malaysia is taking the lead in discussions between Islamic countries on the development of common halal certification guidelines.

Its Halal Industry Development Corp (HDC) will spearhead the initiative, with the final proposal to be presented to the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) by Malaysia, to further push the much-delayed initiative.

HDC CEO Jamil Bidin said the lack of such common certification guidelines will slow down the global halal industry growth in the coming years as players would have separate halal guidelines.

“The halal industry is no longer a domestic industry. It is a globally sought after industry, which involves many countries, where each nation has their own halal certification criteria, based on their own understanding.

“If the players have to seek for certification in all export markets, it is expensive which in return increases prices of end-products,” he told reporters at the sidelines of World Halal Conference 2014 yesterday.

Jamil said Malaysia would play a vital role in the initiative as the country is regarded as the pioneer of the halal industry and its certification exercises, since 40 years ago.

“Until now, every decision on halal taken at OIC or international summits would seek Malaysia’s agreement or ideas, as we have been the leader in the industry in the last four decades,” he said.

Malaysia will also push for the creation of an accreditation body, which will certify and approve all halal certification bodies worldwide, to avoid unnecessary issues like fake certification and so forth.

Many bigger countries in the 57-nation OIC have agreed to a common certification platform, and approvals from all economies would be sought, he added.

“The OIC has 57 economies, about 10 of which are large economies including Malaysia. Most of the large economies, who are the deciding voices, have already agreed. But we intend to get approval from all,” said Jamil.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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