Yurizk Launched 1st Online Coaching for Entrepreneurship Development in Islamic Finance & Halal Industries

photoYurizk, the leading online provider of Islamic Finance education information has launched the first online leadership program for developing entrepreneurship in Islamic Finance and Halal sectors. The program will be held from May 4 to June 8, 2014 and will be delivered as live online coaching program.

The development and growth of a sustainable Islamic economy depends on several factors, one of which is bringing creative solutions to the existing challenges through innovative ideas and turning those ideas into feasible business models. Islamic Finance industry has been focusing on building skilled labor to solve the skill gaps. However frustration from certified Islamic Finance professionals emerged while many of them were unable to find jobs within Islamic Finance industry due to lack of experience. Yurizk’s Business Leadership Program aims to empower these individuals with entrepreneurial resources, strategies and tools and assist them in utilizing their knowledge, skills, and talents to bring innovative business solutions. Through entrepreneurship these professionals may choose to create their own career while bridging demand and service gaps within halal economic sectors.

“We are all human being and we become resources when we contribute effectively to the community, society and to the world at large. The definition of human resource doesn’t have to be only skilled labor working 9 to 5 for someone else. In case for Islamic Finance and halal economy what should also be in consideration is whether in the long run we are solving problems or not.” says Sadia Karim founder and CEO of Yurizk.

In recent industry forums efforts have been undertaken by the organizers to bring Halal sectors and Islamic Finance together. Aligning with that trend Yurizk structured the entrepreneurship development program to cater to the needs of both sectors. The program is offered to not only qualified Islamic Finance professionals but also individuals and existing SMEs who are interested in launching and growing for profit and non-profit causes within Halal economic sectors which includes Food, Finance, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Media and Recreation, Tourism.

According to “State of the Global Islamic Economy”, a recent research study published jointly by DinarStandard and Thomson Reuters, “despite a trillion dollar plus consumer market with a potential for a wider global consumer base, there are very few global brands that are based on halal integrity principles.” Facilitating the growth of SMEs and investing in developing niche leadership in each Halal sector can contribute towards building global brands that are ethical and universally appealing.

Yurizk’s Business Leadership Coaching program is focused on the following five areas:

1. Empower the underutilized talents in Islamic Finance industry with entrepreneurial strategies and resources to facilitate entrepreneurship and SME development

2. Inspire niche leadership in Halal economic sectors

3. Coach new startups within Halal industries on their business management and growth areas

4. Provide strategic resources to the existing SMEs within Islamic Finance and Halal sectors in their branding, rebranding, marketing, and promotional campaigns

5. Bring insight on specific areas of opportunities within Halal sectors through guest speaker sessions

“No one can guarantee or predict the outcome when something new is launched specially in the present world that is full of uncertainty, but there is always a starting point for everything. What we are doing is initiating that starting point with our resources to contribute and to further the cause of Islamic economy by facilitating entrepreneurship development. In the long run this process may become a catalyst of innovative solutions to the existing challenges.” said Yurizk CEO.

Source: Zawya

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