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Panorama Malaysia grows Muslim market share with 100% halal tours

Masjid_Asy_SyakirinPANORAMA Tours Malaysia is guaranteeing 100 per cent halal tours under its series of new outbound tour packages named Marhaba, or ‘welcome’ in Arabic.

According to managing director Richard Vuilleumier, some 70 per cent of Panorama’s outbound bookings are for its Marhaba packages since they were launched in September last year.

Marhaba full-board packages to Asian destinations including South-east Asia and North Asia were performing the best, although Panorama also offers such tours to Europe, the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

Said Vuilleumier: “Many agencies in Malaysia sell tours that are Muslim-friendly which include pork-free meals, but we go a step further and ensure that the dining outlets we use do not serve pork and the preparation of meat dishes is halal.”

To further this market segment, Vuilleumier plans to increase the number of Muslim frontline staff at its retail outlet and spend more on advertising to reach out to Muslim travel consumers in Malaysia.

Vuilleumier is also in the midst of creating a consortium of outbound travel consultants throughout Malaysia to sell the Marhaba products.

Source: TTG Asia

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