Photographer Roams World to Capture Street Styles of Modest Fashionistas

Meet Langston Hues, a creative hailing from Detroit, who has been grabbing the attention of fashionistas and Muslims worldwide because of the buzz and excitement surrounding his modest street fashion photography. He has travelled to 11 countries and counting for his current book project, Modest Street Fashion, which features fashion, photography and documentary.

Langston’s brainchild was born after bloggers started coming to him for photography work. He figured that the best way to to capture and document the existing trends amongst hijabis around the world was in the form of a book. Langston began taking photographs during his years in medical school; he has being doing freelance photography ever since.

Modest Street Fashion in Southeast Asia_Aquila Style

What struck us with amazement was that Langston is actually a revert. He has embraced Islam for seven years now. Langston decided to accept the teachings of Islam when he saw that Islam provided a complete narrative of the story of Prophet Isa. Not long after his conversion, his eldest brother and mother also joined him in accepting Islam.

Kuala Lumpur was Langston’s 11th stop for compiling materials for his book. He’s also travelled across America, as well as to Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Belgium, France, Holland, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. During his travels, Langston has been photographing street styles of hijabis and non-hijabis alike.

Modest Street Fashion in Southeast Asia_Aquila Style

Represented in Langston’s book are people from around the world, which ultimately fosters and brings together a community. I believe this book will be a great contribution towards presenting Islam as a religion that honours modesty in a positive light. It will also dispel negative stereotypes of Muslims.

The book is expected to be launched at the end of this year. In the meantime, Langston is headed next to the Middle East to compile more photos for his book. Let’s all stand together in support of this rising photographer’s journey.

View more of the Modest Street Fashion project by Langston at his website and Facebook page.

Source: AquilaStyle

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