Major Islamic exhibition to take place in Lancashire

Islamic ExhibitionAn Islamic Lifestyle Exhibition is to be held in Lancashire for the first time.

The event will take place a week before the month of Ramadan on Sunday, June 22, in Blackburn.

It is hoped the event will become an annual event in the lead up to the holy month of Ramadan.

As well as fun activities for children the event aims to celebrate the Islamic lifestyle in the UK.

A number of high profile Islamic companies are looking to showcase their products over the day.

The event will feature a range of different zones aiming to cater for the community.

Among the areas will be an Education Zone, a health and well being zone, a Halal Travel Zone and a Charity Zone.

A special Woman’s Zone aims to house beauty, Islamic fashion, Asian fashion, Wedding and henna exhibitors.

Specific segregated areas will be catered for.

A range of professional organisations will be on hand to help to create awareness of the dangers relating to fire, theft and child safety during the summer months.

Stalls at the event must be booked in advance. Community and mosque organisations are particularly encouraged to attend on the day.

The Islamic Lifestyle Exhibition will take place in Blackburn on Sunday 22 June from 11am.

Source: Asian Image

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