Branding Halal Products 101!

Branding your Halal product, as in other products has its do’s and don’ts. When you are ready to splash some dough on branding your products, you might want to consider the following strategies.

A. If you are already enjoying a great success, leverage on your existing brand positioning!

You can fortify it with either one of these:

  1. Introduce new Halal/Islamic themed product

You can see this in the banking and financial industry where banks created Islamic Banking “window” to attract halal conscious clients. Nokia rolled out its Ramadhan themed apps that are pre-installed with their new mobile phones launched during the Ramadhan month a few years back in selected market

2. Introduce a brand new business all together

If you feel a Halal or an Islamic themed product does not suit with your existing business, you might want to launch a new business all together! Standard Chartered not only launched an Islamic Banking product, it started fresh with a brand new business entity – Standard Chartered Saadiq

B. If you are new, create a brand name that can be easily identified among your target market!

New product line for the Halal conscious market best to be introduced with brand names that jingles and rhymes within your target group. Brand names such as “Aman”, “Amana”, “Noor” and the likes are very close to the hearts and minds of those who are into Halal products and services

C. Choose a market that you can make a big impact

If you are in the Hotel or Travel industry, move into the Halal Tourism – targeting the growing segments of Halal lifestyle.  Globally, Muslims are expected to spend $181Bil on tourism in 2018 (State of the Global Islamic Economy 2013 Report) – an early start to grab the growing market can position your brand positively in the market you are in. Dedicated swimming areas for women and men, halal dining and Islamic themed entertainment are some of the services that you can add to your product offering. It can also be a service differentiator in your market, thus creating a memorable brand for your entity.

The above are some of the strategies that you can take when branding your Halal product. Branding strategies are limitless. Best of all, best strategies for best products.

As HalaalQuest says it: if its Halaal, its gotta be good! 

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