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Dubai Islamic Bank, Oxford Business Group sign MoU on research

Dubaimgresi Islamic Bank (DIB), has signed a third Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, on research with Oxford Business Group (OBG) for its forthcoming report. Under the agreement, OBG will have access to the bank’s resources, which will be used to compile the Islamic Bank Chapter of The Report: Dubai 2015.

The Report: Dubai 2015 will shine the spotlight on the wealth of initiatives taking shape under the emirate’s Islamic economy strategy, which are expected to boost the opportunities for Islamic financial services institutions. The publication will also consider the steps Dubai could take to gain a larger portion of global Sharia-compliant transactions.

Adnan Chilwan, CEO of DIB, said he expected the lender’s collaboration with OBG to highlight the changing face of Islamic banking and finance. “We are at a major crossroads now,” he said. “The spectacular growth, development and innovation that the segment has witnessed over the last decade is nothing short of revolutionary. Though still in its infancy when compared to the age-old conventional sector, the achievements are being lauded as a game-changer for the entire industry”.

Source: Gulf News

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