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Halal Cert Management System Opens New Chapter In Halal Industry

halal_certificate-bigThe Halal Certificate Management System launched opens a new chapter in the global halal industry technology development, said Malaysia’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom.

He said the HCMS, which supplements the Halal Verified Engine being used currently, offers more stringent security features, enabling halal certification bodies to more efficiently verify halal certificates from around the world.

The HCMS also enables halal certification bodies to handle large-scale data transactions smoothly, improving efficiency and reducing costs, he said when opening the Sixth International Halal Certification Bodies Convention here tonight.

“Halal certification is currently one of the pre-conditions for entering the global halal market, helping companies meet local demand, expand markets and increase sales and income,” he said.

The HCMS, the first of its kind in the world for halal certification bodies, is the result of a collaboration between the Malaysian Islamic Development Department and HalalDagang Bhd.

Jamil Khir said although Malaysia uses a uniform halal standard nationwide that has been the basis for the development of the world’s halal food industry, it cannot rest on its laurels.

“It is important for us to remain competitive in the global halal market as the halal industry is never free from stiff competition,” he said, adding the government is collaborating with the industry to ensure the country’s global competitiveness.

Source: Malaysian Digest

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