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South Korea eyes 80% jump in halal exports by 2017

halalSouth Korea has signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates on halal foods, hoping it will contribute to its goal of growing halal exports globally from US$680m to $1.23bn by 2017.

Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, visited the UAE during March to outline the initiative under which, Korean halal food manufacturers will be able to receive certification for their products from the Gulf state more easily.

Park said there is huge potential for bilateral cooperation in the food industry, especially on halal food. “The two nations will be able to take the lead in the global food industry if they use a reliable halal certification system, develop mutual trust and create menu items favoured in both countries.”

South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said the MOU between the two countries would mean the country’s companies can “easily get halal certification” and ship their products to the UAE.

Following the agreement, South Korea has established the Halal Food Agency to analyse and develop certification standards for halal foods as well as outline production guidelines.

Source: Just Food

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