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Meet Wahed – the first halal robo advisory to go global!

Wahed Invest LLC,  is the first halal robo advisor company that has sucessfully expanded into the global market. Being incorporated in the U.S. in 2017, their first expansion into the U.K. market followed immediately in 2018, after successfully serving the US and UK market they have decided to make their solution available to 130 countries worldwide.

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The company has seen the need for change in the way Muslim communities participate in the global financal market. Making investing accessible, ethically complient and in line with their faith will enable Muslims easier pariticpation and involvement into the financial markets worldwide – explained the company in a statement.

The platform was greatly welcomed internationally with over 40,000 interested users subscribing to the waitlist.


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The platfrom is very easy and secure to use, Wahed immediately suggests a portfolio for their users based on their profile and interests. Currently, portfolio allocation options include investments into global stocks, emerging market stocks, Islamic Bonds and Commodities.  Users can begin to invest with as low as USD 100, and with the help  of fractional share trading the platform enables the investors to have a diversified portfolio, regardless of their account size. And to esnure all the ROI’s are halal, Wahed has a full-time Ethical Reviwe Board.

“Our mission from day one has been to give access to ethical and efficient returns to the underserved investor. We are very proud to say that today, no matter where geographically an ethical investor is located, or what income demographic they fall under, they will have access to an investment portfolio that is free from usury, or any unethical constituent.” – says the CEO and founder of Wahed, Junaid Wahedna.

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