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Bahrain Islamic Bank unveils Dana, its first virtual employee

Dana project is part of Bahrain Islamic Bank’s journey of ‘continuous improvement and discovery’, says CEO.

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has announced the appointment of its first digital virtual employee, named Dana, who will be helping to drive innovation in banking services.

The Dana project is in line with BisB’s objective to simplify customers’ money matters by enabling them to conduct their daily transactions with the ultimate ease and convenience, the bank said in a statement.

It added that Dana will be taking the lead in giving information on the bank’s products and services, digitally providing tips and insights on FinTech and financial trends.

“This revolutionary step demonstrates the bank’s success in its strategic efforts to transform its business approach, by providing leading and innovative financial solutions to its customers, contributing to the development of the kingdom’s financial industry at large,” the statement said.

Hassan Jarrar, CEO of BisB, said: “Dana is our first virtual Bahraini employee. This milestone is a step in a long journey of continuous improvement and discovery for BisB in trying to transform the culture of the bank into one of innovation and technology.

“Our ultimate goal here is to make banking with BisB as seamless and pleasant as the use of a smartphone.”

Source: arabianbusiness

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