‘Eid TV Commercials Galore!

It’s the time of the year. As we draw closer to ‘Eid, more TV commercials (TVC) from Malaysia’s corporate giants have rolled out their masterpiece for 2019.

Petronas – Malaysia’s Fortune 500 oil giant started the trend with its family and seasonal theme. To some, Petronas’ ‘Eid TVC is the “gold standard”. They have managed to pull in the following with its witty and emotional side of celebrating ‘Eid.

This year’s list have seen some of the TVCs first launched on Online platforms where YouTube is the popular choice. TVCs are no longer limited to the usual 3-4 minutes length (Inti International university and Colleges’ is 12 minutes long!).

HalaalQuest presents some of the best ‘Eid TVC from Petronas – a twist of multi racial Malaysia; Telekom Malaysia – a gaming legend grand dad; PruBSN-Prudential – a 2 series TVC; Audi – brotherly love; Pos Malaysia – My Hero; Maxis – a deaf boy with Maxis’ special mobile app; Touch n Go – my father in law is a gangster; PLUS – hitchhike and the much talked about Malaysia’s energy company, TNB – family convoy.

Overall, all the TVCs have its own message. Apart from selling their brand and products/services in a hilarious, serious and even emotional tone.

So, what’s your pick? Share your views and your 2019 list in the comments area.

For now, happy watching!

Copyright by HalaalQuest 2019

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