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Halal Nail Polish – most welcomed discovery in the cosmetic industry!

Halal Cosmetics has seen a tremendous growth among Muslim women in the latest years  covering all areas of the cosmetics industry. This has lots to do with educating the Muslim population about the damaging and non-halal substances present in todays big brands products.

Unfortunately, most brands, some of them even representing themselves as organic brands, use many harmful substances that cause some of the most deadliest diseases such as: cancer, skin rushes, kidney failure, impacts on the nerve system and many others.  As consumer awareness rises,  manufacturers are required to make better quality products that are truly organic, vegan and animal-cruelty free – with one word products that are Halal!

With the rise of consumer demand for such products, manufacturers have noticed a niche that was not filled for many years in the Muslim community – Halal Nail Polishes. First to tap into this market was the Polish cometic manufacturer Inglot – they came up with their O2M Breathable Nail Polish line in 2012, and revolutionised the nail polish industry. Even though they have never received an official Halal Certification from recognisable agencies, they have done public testing proving their functionality, however the consumers were reluctant to purchase due to lack of certification.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.42.47 PM
Luckily for Muslim women, many other manufacturers have followed the way and have developed halal-certified nail polishes that have become revolutionary not only among Muslim women, but among many non-muslim women who are becoming aware of the benefits and meaning of Halal production.
Some of the most known halal nail polishes available today in the market are Maya Cosmetics, 786, Naiberry, Zahara, Lacc, Amra, Tuesday in Love, ORLY, Lena and many others. Most of these brands are special award winners for cruelty free and vegan friendly products recognised by non-muslim agencies on a global level too.

Halal nail polishes are made out of special formula that allows water and oxygen to flow through, its made from no animal or alcohol by-products. Nail polishes for Muslims require a special formula for breathability apart from their halal ingredients. Furthermore, the brethability of the  halal formula allows oxygen flow to the nails reducing the yellow sting you might experience from constant use of common nail polishes. Apart form nail polishes, these brands offer other types of halal cosmetics and are mostly available for worldwide purchase and delivery.
Have you tried any of these brands, or other halal nail polishes? Let us know  your experience!



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1 comment on “Halal Nail Polish – most welcomed discovery in the cosmetic industry!

  1. Tuesday in Love is really the only brand that allows water to permeate through without any rubbing or added pressure. For this reason ISNA Canada has certified them for both ingredients and functionality. Their scientific research also shows that breathable polish doesn’t actually work and those brands have therefore made false claims.

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