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Let’s wander through Berlin!

Berlin - small tips to get around from HQ's latest visit!

HalaalQuest’s minions have recently wandered through the streets of Berlin bringing us some fresh insides on how to explore this wonderful city  – the Halaal Way !

The Brandenburg Gate

Berlin is one of the most culturally aware and interesting cities in the world. The city breathes culture and history, it speaks and witnesses what humans are capable of doing when tolerance and love are not nurtured. But, it also shows how important it is to tolerate and respect each other no matter our personal differences and beliefs.

We have learned many lessons from this trip, but thats a story for a different time – we promised you some travel tips now!

Coming from the airport into the city is very easy in Berlin, buses are stationed immediately outside the exits commuting every 3 minutes to the main station or so called Hauptbanhof Berlin. From there you can reach all areas of the city in a heartbeat.
The fare costs only EURO 2.80 however, we would suggest buying a daily pass or weekly depending on the length of your stay. One day pass costs EUR 7.00 for A & B Zone, EUR 9.00 for A,B&C zone depending on the area of the city you want to cover, you buy your ticket accordingly.

Finding a place to stay in Berlin is not that hectic either, there is a variety of Muslim– friendly hotels available to book, that cater the needs of Muslim clients such as Holiday Inn, Regent etc.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.50.56 PM
Coffee and Sweets at local vegan bakery!

However, if you are travelling on a budget there is other options that you might want to consider, such as hostels which are willing to cater to your special food requirements as well as segregated rooms for male and females. One of the hostels we got to love is Citystay Berlin Mitte and Pfefferbett Hostel (Fun fact: Pfefferbett means pepper bed in German – talk about German hospitality ;)! )
The staff was  very kind to cater to our needs and they even offer very affordable daily  bike tours through the city, ranging from EUR 7.00 to EUR 15.00 per tour, and a one night stay with special requirements cost from EUR 17.00 – EUR 23.00 only!

After you have settled in one of the cozy hotels in town, it’s time to grab a bite which can become very challenging depending  in which area of the city you find yourself in. If you are on budget opt towards finding some of the famous chains of restaurant such as Mustafa Gemuse Kebab or any other kebab stalls would be mostly halal. In case you find yourself in craves for KFC or McDonalds  aim to find a great halal substitute called Risa Chicken.
Asian food lovers can enjoy Tuk Tuk Indonesian Restaurant serving variety of Asian foods the halal way, or just grab some great delicacies at one of many vegetarian friendly bakeries in the city.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.51.12 PM
Coffee and Sweets at Meyan restaurant!

Lastly, though we are sure you have already made a list of the places you’d love to visit we would like to bring to your attention some gorgeous mosques you can visit in Berlin. Such as the great Berlin Mosque that was built between 1923 and 1925. It is a special feeling to see that Islam was present in Europe even during that time and see how it withstood WW2 and was rebuilt to operate even until today!

Berlin Mosque
Berlin Mosque



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