Looking for your soulmate? Try these Muslim friendly match making apps!

In today’s digital era, religion still a major factor in one’s daily life – including when it comes to find our life partner! There are quite a number of mobile app that position themselves as “halal” or “Shari’ah” compliant when it comes to match making.

A quick check on the App Store, one may find apps like Nikah Explorer, Minder, Muslim Dating and Muzmatch.

One common feature these apps offer is the secured and privacy settings that allows users to decide who gets to see what – something which most Muslims see as a strict requirement.

Meet 2 of the most popular apps: Muzmatch and Minder!


As featured in the likes of Al Jazeera, BBC, Forbes and TechCrunch, the app was launched by its founder – a former Senior Executive at Morgan Stanley, Shahzad Younas. He left his job back in 2013 and started to develop his idea to connect Muslim singles around the globe.

With over 1 million users, the app claims to have matched more than 20,000 Muslims globally – either engaged to married!

IMG_DFA475FACEFF-1.jpegSo, what’s different about Muzmatch?

While wanting to create a platform that can pull in the Muslim population of various backgrounds globally, Muzmatch has a feature that allows a third person to be part of any conversation.

The “chaperone” goes along the Islamic principle where Muslim singles are not supposed to be “alone” with strangers. Users can get their relative or a friend to be part of their conversation with any random user on Muzmatch.

The future seems bright for Muzmatch. A recent series A funding will allow them to expand from their existing user base.

Presently, Muzmatch is predominantly populated with users from the US, Canada, UK and western countries. With the new funding, it allows them to penetrate into Muslim majority countries that have a high number of youth population that are tech savvy – ripe for Muzmatch to tap into!


Positioned as a safe and fun app, Minder was founded by Haroon Mokhtarzada in 2015.

With over 500,000 users on Minder, the platform has caught the attention of media with its strong growth. Minder was featured in the Washington Post and Der Spiegel among others.

IMG_C7FB7C5B4114-1.jpegThe app is available for free and as a premium paid version that offers more features.

With its monthly subscription model, users are able to connect more with tools such as its own in-app messaging feature – telegram, premium placement of your profile and see a list of those who have liked you.

Muzmatch and Minder are making it easy for today’s mobile first generation Muslims to connect and build their halal future together as married couples. All these through enablers such as technology that allows people from different continent to be connected, while at the same time enriching the modern tools with Islamic traditions.

Are you one of the thousands engaged or married through these platforms? Share your stories with us!

Featured Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

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