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Malaysia announces Special Committee on Islamic Finance

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s Finance Ministry announced the setting up of a Special Committee on Islamic Finance that will strengthen Malaysia’s global leading position in the Islamic Finance, especially in the Sukuk market.

The Special Committee chaired by Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Finance – Datuk Wira Amiruddin Hamzah, will also promote and encourage the development of Islamic Finance with the public sector taking the lead in educating initiatives targeted at the mass population. Nine leading Islamic Finance figures made up the Special Committee which includes the Chairman of the Shari’ah Advisory Council of Malaysia’s Central Bank and Malaysia’s Security Commission – Datuk Dr. Daud Bakar and leading Shari’ah scholar Dr. Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman.

In the latest State of of the Global Islamic Economy report by Thomson Reuters, Malaysia continues to forge ahead as the leading Islamic economy ecosystem for the straight 5th year. Its strong position in the Islamic Finance sector has helped it to held to the leading position globally.

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