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‘be-Halal’ program to strengthen Malaysia’s Halal industry

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Malaysia is set to further strengthen its position as the global’s leading halal producer as the Government announced the introduction of ‘be-Halal’ initiative under its National Halal Council Secretariat.

‘be-Halal’ is the Halal Industry Strategic Development Programme that will gather 50 leading players in the halal industry as announced by Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

kl24-060919-halfest-bn201909039890_619691_20190906214910According the Dr. Wan Azizah who heads Malaysia’s National Halal Council during the launch of HALFEST in Kuala Lumpur, ‘be-Halal’ initiative will drive the growth of the halal industry. Note: photo credit The Sun Daily

‘be-Halal’ will be using HALFEST as a platform. It will act as a strategic driver with holistic approach and programs that will be run by industry experts from various backgrounds. This will help the players in the industry to be more innovative and highly competitive to compete in the fast growing industry at local and global level.

One major impact of HALFEST this year it the participation of 100 entrepreneurs from the asnaf category (eligible recipients of zakat). Dr. Wan hope that in the future, more such entrepreneurs will be able to participate in HALFEST and become successful, ultimately become a zakat payer and able to assist those in need.

HALFEST will end its 5 day exhibition today. With more than 450 entrepreneurs and companies participating in this year’s edition attracting more than 80,000 visitors – it is the biggest annual halal event in Malaysia.

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