Halal app review: Halal Navi

Muslim travelers globally spent US$177 billion in 2017 and set to grow with an astounding rate of almost additional US$100 billion in the next 6 years (as reported in the State of the Islamic Economy Report 2018/19).

With the youngest and fastest growing population globally (a 2017 census has the total Muslim population at 1.8 billion, projecting to grow to 3.0 billion Muslims by year 2060) and the available technology in our smart devices, it is expected that Muslim travelers will embrace mobile apps to help them with their travel.

There are quite a number of available apps when it comes to Halal app – be it in the area of helping out users in finding the most Muslim friendly destinations to finding Halal food outlets and checking the ‘halalness’ of a particular product.

HalaalQuest takes a quick look at Halal Navi – one of the many dozens available Halal app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. You may download and test drive it yourself when you are on the road or shopping for some halal food stuff!

Halal Navi

The app was founded by team of Malaysian Muslims living and studying in Japan. An IT engineer by profession, Malaysian Rafiq Rahim founded the app in 2014 with his colleague Aida Nur Azira.

promo_devicesWith a mission to help Muslims living and traveling to Muslim minority countries, the app is a platform where users can share their favorite halal restaurants for others to visit. The Halal Navi team is currently based in Malaysia with backings from Japanese funders.

While Halal Navi is Japanese focused, the app has added countless restaurants, mosques in other countries as well. There are 13 countries listed on the app, including the UK, US, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia.

In short, Halal Navi is all about: Eat. Pray. Connect!

Eat With its social media like feed, users will be able to share and list their favorite halal eateries. Users are able to upload photos and share the location of the halal outlets. As you are connected via the GPS, users can also check for nearby restaurants. To date there are more than 800 restaurants and 150 supermarkets in Japan selling halal products listed on the app!

Pray The app has its own list of Masjids and prayer areas/halls, allowing users to quickly find the nearest Masjid for them to go and offer their prayers. The app has more than 150 masjid and prayer hall in Japan listed and the list is growing by the day. The feed section displays the current prayer and the next one of the user’s location – another handy tool for the user!

Connect As in many social media apps, Halal Navi has incorporated some level of social networking features. Users are able to connect with one another and this certainly adds the stickiness of the app for users. User reviews are a plus point as it can help others to navigate for the nearest Halal outlet!

What we like The app’s Explore tab and the Ranking system adds to the excitement. Users and places can be ranked based on their number of check-ins and reviews. Users can follow others and be able to see activities of others on their feed.  The Explore tab lists places of interest – restaurants (popular and its categories), accommodations, stores and Masjids! Navigation and ease of use of the app is also natural.

Halal Navi is available on both, iOS and Android platforms!

HQ Rating: 4.0/5

Copyright by HalaalQuest 2019 

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