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Book Review: Colorful Halal Branding piece!

What do you expect when a colorful, groovy and flamboyant Marketing and Branding expert rolls out his first Halal Branding book? A striking pink book filled with thought provoking from extensive research!

To those in Marketing and Branding (and even in the Halal sphere), Professor A.J. Wilson a winner of LinkedIn Top Voices Award needs no introduction. A global expert, with numerous engagements in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, he has put up a different perspective in his book – Halal Branding.

While the book is targeted at students, researchers, entrepreneurs, scholars, businesses and consumers alike, it is not a book on technical certifications or shariah standards on halal and haram matters.


Halal Branding is all about practical roadmap towards brand building plus to assist and encourage practitioners in their understanding and engagement within model halal space.

Professor Wilson who has done more than 100 conference speaking engagements believes that there is no one fits all approach when it comes to halal branding. It is still all about strategic approach based on one’s aims and objectives.

As colorful he is when he is on stage giving out his dynamic and colorful presentations, Halal Branding offers the reader a creative and critical look into the dynamics of branding when it comes to Halal products and services.

He believes that Halal brands should not merely copy leading brands in promoting their products and services. This can only result in the demise of creativity and innovation – 2 areas needed to ensure a brand’s continuity and sustainability.

To Professor Wilson, Halal is now the “X” factor that can help in expansion in operations, creation of new markets and as well as drawing more customers.

C6Z9SGyWYAEvcRSLarge global brands such as Nike and HSBC knew the value of today’s halal market and demand. It has helped them to offer new products and services that cater to those who associate themselves with the need to be inline with their belief and values.

Branding with great emotional pull and the face of  brand ambassadors have helped products such as Nike’s hijab well received in the global market.

The back cover of the book sums up what this book is all about: a culturally-centric approach to championing branded lived experiences and intersectionality. It went on to say that Professor Wilson offers some fresh and creative insights with some hip-hop flair in building authentic brands and profit from Prophethood!

Halal Branding, out since 2018 is available in print and e-book version from major online and book stores.

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