Importance of supporting Halal Brands

Are we aware what visions we support by purchasing certain products or services?

We often hear things like: “Oh my God, I am in love with this brand.” or “I love what this brand does”. But have we ever truly taken the time to research what a brand really stands for? Are we aware what visions we support by purchasing certain products or services?

Companies such as Estee Lauder, Maybeline and other brands are still using animal testing.

Branding is a very powerful tool used to build a connection between a company and its targeted consumers, as well as a way for consumers to relate to companies and support their products and services. Branding is a promise from the company to the consumers on their deliverables, on the ways their business is conducted, what the business represents as well as a chance to get to know the business for who they really are.

In today’s transparent world where brands openly state who they are and what they represent. Hence, it’s easy to spot how many Muslims follow and support brands whose core values are completely against the teachings of Islam. Brands that exploit children, support wars, animal torture, homosexuality, racism, nudity, environmental distraction etc. Many Muslims or even people in general, if asked, will deny to support such causes, nonetheless, every month, week or even day, we will give away some of our earnings to support these exact principles we are so strongly against.

Brands such as H&M or Gucci and others, have used racism in their product and marketing campaigns concealing it as mistakes.

We as Muslims and society overall, have the obligation to take care of each other, our planet, animals, our personal well-beings, and a very simple way of contributing is by choosing consciously and wisely to whom we give our trust, loyalty and funds.

The Ummah today is fortunate enough to have small business owners that can compete with big brands on all levels, quality of products and services, customer service and most importantly security and assurance that the product or service is Halal and safe to use, without any harmful impacts on us or our communities. It is our duty as Muslims to seek information on whom we support, what the brands, we assimilate ourselves with, stand for? Are there Halal brands that offer the same deliverables? If not, why don’t we build them?

Young boy rakes cocoa beans on a drying rack.
Hershey’s, Nestle, H&M and others exploit children for their economical growth.

Halal brands ensure us that the products and services we use and consume are permissible and accepted in our faith. Halal branding doesn’t stop only in the food industry but stretches throughout fashion, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to tourism and travel, entertainment, finance and banking industries, and much more. Having said that, we are assured that by supporting Halal fashion and cosmetic brands, using Islamic Banking products and services, or similar, we don’t put ourselves or others at risk and we support the financial growth of our Ummah.

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 13.59.12
Great example of a halal brand that’s making huge impact in fair trade, child well-fare and environment in Africa everyone should know about is Shea Terra.

At this moment in time and the great rivalries amongst Muslim countries and leaders, it is of paramount importance to unite around our similarities and support Halal brands that will in turn empower and build our communities, bring prosperity to our Ummah and make Muslims financially independent.

Are you a Halal brand wanting to spread the wisdom of Islam through your product or service? Get in touch with us and help us introduce more great halal brands to our readers!

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