iQuran: a brief look into the Quran App

UnknownThe strong growth of smart devices in the form of smart phones and tablets have gave way to the birth of  apps that cater to the growing Muslim users.

Day to day tasks and rituals are easily to replicate to the digital world. Supplications, ebooks and animated apps that are targeted to the Muslim users have steadily enter into the digital world, catering to the numerous OS (Android, Blackberry, iOS to name a few).

One of the many Islamic apps available to the Muslim users now are the Quran apps. Some of the Quran apps that are widely used are: iQuran and Quran Android. Of course these Quran apps come in different form factors (with full tafseer, translation, mp3 files, different languages and much more).


The good:

  • It comes in 2 variants; Free and paid version
  • Easy to navigate
  • Great interface and readability
  • Multiple languages (for the translation)
  • Multiple Qari (reciters)
  • Bookmarks
  • Available on Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms

Room for improvement:

  • Good to have Tafseer of ayaat from selected Tafseer Books

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