Islamic clothing goes online!

New York, Milan, Paris watch out! The steady demand for hijabs, abayas and alike have started to see a steady growth of online stores that showcase the latest designs for those who are looking for Shariah compliant lines. From small set up that offers “pay and we ship” model (one example is the Dubai Collection here) to those who are a bit more established, akin to leading online stores.

HalaalQuest looks at two online stores that offer unique yet extensive offerings for men and women alike: ShukrOnline and Akhawat.


Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 5.06.51 PMShukronline offers clothes line for both men and women.  They were launched back in 2001, positioning itself as the first to offer contemporary modest clothing for the new generation of Muslims in the West.

The good:

  • Extensive offerings for men and women, that includes accessories
  • Online stores are available for International, Turkish, UK, US and Canadian market
  • Easy to navigate with items clearly shown



Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 5.08.16 PMUK based Akhawat offers designer Abayas at its best.  The website offers a great online shopping experience with its collection of designer lines that includes the Signature Collection, Noir and Purple Label.

The good:

  • Available in English and Arabic
  • Designs and collections are clearly shown
  • Wide variety


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