Islamic fashion e-store HijUp records 12 million YouTube views; is it effective marketing?

Hijup is an e-commerce site that mainly sells Islamic fashion items for women in Indonesia. It was founded back in 2011 and has received investment from local marketplace BukaLapak. Since then, Hijup has been doing very well, the team says, recording impressive numbers for both the website and its YouTube channel.

Hijup now has between 45,000 and 90,000 daily pageviews, with monthly pageviews ranging between 1.3 million to 2.7 million. Revenue figures are not disclosed. The startup now has 44,000 registered members.

A Hijup representative says that it sells products from merchants via a consignment system and earns profit from product sales commission. Hijup brands itself as “the largest curated Islamic fashion online mall” and lets users browse products based on particular brands. Currently Hijup has 85 brands in its marketplace.

Hijup sells Muslim clothing, scarves, accessories, handbags, shoes, books, and magazines. Users can pay via bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards, or Mandiri ClickPay.

Utilizing YouTube to its fullest

hijup model cover

While selling Islamic fashion items targeted at women is quite unique already (even in such a large, Muslim nation), the team pulls out all the stops in trying to reach as many potential customers as possible with popular social media sites. The 12-man and woman team at Hijup is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest – but the store is doing especially well from its YouTube channel as it is Indonesia’s 12th biggest local YouTube channel based on subscriber numbers in the country. The team offers lots of tutorials for wearing the hijab and has creative content like a ‘lookbook’ and fashion shows. So far the channel has garnered over 12 million views, but Facebook and Twitter still generate more visitors to Hijup.

Besides these social media marketing exploits, I find the team’s ‘lookbook’ feature a very nice touch. It suggests which items on Hijup go well together. It’s something used by a number of women-oriented e-stores. It’s definitely helpful for those who want to find fashion inspiration.

Dreaming of going global

hijup international model

It’s been founder Diajeng Lestari’s dream to make Indonesian fashion products go global and they have fixed their eyes on Malaysia for expansion. That’s because the country holds a large Muslim population, like Indonesia. The expansion date is still undecided but the team notes that 30 percent of its customers come from other countries like Singapore and Malaysia, so the demand is out there.

Another Indonesian e-commerce store catering to Islamic women is Ideosource-backed Saqina.

Here is an one example of the many YouTube videos Hijup produces:

Source: Techinasia

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