Leading a Halaal Lifestyle – Abu Productive

Productive-Muslim-Abu-Productive-225x337Halaal lifestyle is not just about choosing between halaal or haraam. Halaal lifestyle can have a direct impact on one’s productivity – Abu Productive (pic)

At the recent Global Islamic Economy Summit event, speakers shared their views on the subject matter of Halaal. While there are several standards that define Halaal, no one can disagree that choosing Halaal lifestyle brings lots of goodness.

Rafe Haneef – CEO HSBC Amanah Malaysia in one of the panel sessions mentioned that Halaal comes with Toyyib (wholesome), hence, Halaal itself means complete goodness.

HalaalQuest spoke with Mohammed Faris (aka Abu Productive) – Founder and CEO of Productive Muslim on the connection between Halaal and one’s lifestyle.

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