Timez5 launches world’s 1st Muslim physiology workshop

In what to be a world’s first, Timez5 launched its Muslim physiology workshop recently in Dubai. The launch ceremony was officiated by Michael Wooff, consul and senior trade commissioner for the UAE. According to Nader Sabry, Timez5’s CEO and founder, the workshop is positioned to help Muslims get physically and spiritually fit.

Timez5, a Canadian based company brands itself as the world’s first health and wellness Muslim lifestyle company.

Since the Muslim prayer involves physical movement involving the knees, hands and neck the workshop showcases exercises involving the body parts that can help promote flexibility and strength. The workshop is not limited to Muslims only as the exercises brings about 5 basic exercises for the neck, abdomen, lower back, thighs and knees – that can be useful for the daily activities of a normal individual.

The exercises have been carefully chosen after years of research and development done by Timez5.

Timez5 is also known for its world’s first physiological prayer mat that helps relieve pain, stiffness, and improve posture and energy with its five layer system.

More information can be be obtained here

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