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IHP: first abattoir certified by UK’s Sharia Halal Board

test1Independent processor IHP Limited has become the first abattoir to be certified and monitored by the Sharia Halal Board (SHB).

The board operates a halal certification and monitoring scheme, overseen by a panel of five senior scholars and Muftis (Muslim legal experts), and requires animals to be subject to a recoverable stun before being hand slaughtered.

SHB also campaigns for all meat labeled halal to be supervised while slaughtered, and has strongly criticised cases of contaminated halal meat, notably pork found in chicken sausages served to schoolchildren earlier this year.

IHP is one of the largest halal poultry abattoirs in the UK slaughtering around 300,000 birds a week.

Amjad Iqbal, of IHP, said: “We are very happy to be working with the Sharia Halal Board, whom we have found to be the most vocal on the recent failures with halal meat in the UK.

“They are extremely passionate about ensuring that Muslims in United Kingdom receive guaranteed halal meat within the constraints of Sharia and a produce of high quality.”

Source: Farmers Weekly

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