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Emirates Islamic Bank launches eShopper Card for online shopping

eib_e_shopper_359x204Emirates Islamic Bank today announced the launch of its eShopper Card, a supplementary card that has been specifically designed for online shopping.

The eShopper Card comes with 3D Secure Double layer protection and gives the flexibility to change the credit limit as per requirements. The card, which is Shari’ah-compliant, is offered to customers for free. It is also attractive in terms of a minimal documentation process, and offers a host of value added features and benefits such as reward points or miles.

Faisal Aqil, Deputy CEO – Consumer Wealth Management, Emirates Islamic Bank, said, “Emirates Islamic Bank is a name for innovation and cutting edge products, and we are committed to provide our customers with innovative Shari’a compliant solutions and products.

“While online shopping offers considerable convenience to today’s savvy shoppers, growing security concerns on the internet often dissuade potential customers. The eShopper Card, which has the latest layer of protection against online fraud and cannot be used at ATMs or POS machines, offers the perfect solution to such concerns.”

Source: CPI Financial

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