Halal steak restaurant to open in Leicester

logo-1A halal steakhouse restaurant is due to open in Leicester this month.

Steakout, which has branches in Luton, Harrow in Middlesex and Tooting and Norbury in London, has taken over the former space of Chunky Chicken in Granby Street.

The restaurant has undergone refurbishment to seat more than 50.

Atif Iqbal, operations manager for Steakhouse UK, said: “We had such a good response from local communities and Luton we thought we would tryLeicester.

“A lot of our customers come from Leicester and so we thought when we moved we would come to Leicester.

“Two hundred people per week come to our stores in London from Leicester. What we’re offering is something unique and new to the market as we offer HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) beef and pay extra pounds for the quality of the beef.

“We are probably the only company that does 100 per cent halal HMC beef in London.”

Atif said the Leicester branch is not just for the Muslim community as Steakout is seeking as many different customers as possible.

He said: “Leicester is becoming more of a food hub and there is real demand for Muslim food. We have taken the recommendation to come, so we are going with it and taking a gamble.”

Source: Leicester Mercury

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